Goal $2,000,000

Alumni News | November 2020


Dear All

With training well and truly underway, I hope you’ve started to settle into a groove with not only your week day training, but also your Saturday peloton training.  Hopefully everyone survived Saturday’s time trial as well!

We recently held a  formal ‘Strategy Day’, following on from the findings of the strategic review process we updated you on in July and August. The day included strong, robust discussions around the pre-identified strategic pillars of the Ride:

  • Management of the Ride
  • Diversity & inclusion
  • School engagement
  • Fundraising
  • Values & Behaviour

The outcomes of this entire process will be crafted into a one page ‘Five Year Strategy’ document which the Organising Committee will be reviewing over the next two months prior to releasing it publicly..

You will also start to see some new initiatives being rolled out over the coming months, based on the feedback we received during the strategic review process.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions on 0414 874 129 or via email [email protected]

All the best
Chair, HRFY Organising Committee


The Fundraising Sub-Committee (FRC) exists to assist teams and riders to ensure their fundraising initiatives are a success and to help ensure you are able to meet the minimum fundraising requirement of $5,000 per rider.

The FRC are able to provide guidance and input during your HRFY journey, and between them have years of experience not only doing the Ride, but fundraising.

Each member of the FRC is assigned to a team, and they will be in regular contact with the team’s captain to ensure both the team and its individual members are on a pathway to fundraising success.


The Support Crew Sub-Committee (SCSC) is in place to assist in the recruitment and management of Support Crew volunteers, as well as provide training and guidance to any new Support Crew members.

The SCSC also aims to facilitate early integration of the Support Crew with their Ride Week peloton to enhance everyone’s Ride Week experience.

The SCSC members have a wealth of knowledge between them, from overall event logistics, driving roles, passenger roles, Event Directors, massage therapists, team building and risk management.


For the 2021 Hawaiian Ride for Youth and beyond, we have evolved our Team Sponsorship structure to a three-tier model – Gold, Silver and Bronze. This tiered structure allows us to better service our sponsors’ overall objectives when supporting the Hawaiian Ride for Youth.


Citadel-MAGNUS are Australia’s leading independent corporate and financial communications firm with offices in Sydney and Perth. Their priority is to support clients’ business objectives through effective communication and a superior level of service. Citadel-MAGNUS provide a wide range of services, including corporate reputation strategy, investor relations, transaction communication and crisis preparedness and management.

The 2021 Ride will be Citadel-MAGNUS 7th year as a team sponsor.


Euroz Hartleys are a recently merged diversified financial services company who provide a wide range of financial services from stockbroking, to corporate finance, funds management and wealth management.

Both Euroz (five years) and Hartleys (two years) have been team sponsors in the past and have now come together as an entity and this will be their first year as a Team Sponsor under the new name.