Goal $2,000,000

2020 | New riders and support crew

Welcome to the community!

A longstanding tradition of the Hawaiian Ride for Youth is for first time riders and support crew to be presented with their official caps on Ride Week, each embroidered with a unique number, signifying their inclusion in our passionate and committed Ride community.

As we were unable to come together on Ride Week this year, we wanted to welcome and acknowledge the record-breaking number of 52 new riders and 11 support crew.

Rider Number First Name Surname  Peloton
530 Campbell Baird Central
531 Michael Barrett Coastal
532 Reon Botha Wheatbelt
533 Emmerson Carlberg Coastal
534 Nick Cernotta Coastal
535 Jade Chow Coastal
536 William Clapin Coastal
537 Callum Coats Coastal
538 Mark da Silva Coastal
539 Peter Dagnia Central
540 Erin DeBarro Coastal
541 Jonathan Dewing Coastal
542 Stephen Dunne Central
543 Andrew Foster Coastal
544 Bill Fry Coastal
545 Margaret Gibson Coastal
546 Mike Gowdy Wheatbelt
547 Mark Gratzer Wheatbelt
548 Michael Hales Coastal
549 Laurence Iffla Coastal
550 Glenn Kelly Coastal
551 Benjamin King Wheatbelt
552 David Lantzke Wheatbelt
553 Barry Mahon Central
554 Robert Maltese Inland
555 Peter Marcakis Inland
556 Mark McIntyre Coastal
557 Will Murrell Central
558 Danielle Newman Coastal
559 Giles Nunis Inland
560 Damon O’Meara Coastal
561 Marissa Pidgeon Inland
562 Janiene Pollock Central
563 Sophie Pugsley Inland
564 Tracy Rainford Inland
565 Robert Wayne Salvage Inland
566 Nick Sceales Coastal
567 Richard Shugrue Coastal
568 David Smyth Central
569 Ian Stewart Central
570 Matthew Stubberfield Wheatbelt
571 Ben Stubbs Central
572 Adam Surjan Inland
573 Gary Thomas Inland
574 Michele Thorp Inland
575 Cameron Tweedie Coastal
576 Xaviar Ullrich Central
577 Tim Underwood Inland
578 Sean Vincent Central
579 Joel Weir Coastal
580 Ben Williams Wheatbelt
581 Peter Wilson Central
Support Crew Sarina Cary Coastal
Support Crew Russell Clark Wheatbelt
Support Crew Hayley Dagg Coastal
Support Crew Phil Downing Inland
Support Crew Tracey Hill Central
Support Crew Sarah Hodson Coastal
Support Crew Monika Landauf Inland
Support Crew Greg Mitchell Wheatbelt
Support Crew Jodie Perram Inland
Support Crew Lynette Pettit Central
Support Crew Ross Sheehan Central