Goal $2,000,000

7 Steps to Fundraising Success

Brainstorm your ideas

Get together with your team and hold a kick-off meeting to brainstorm ideas and goals for events. Make sure you have enough lead time before your proposed event to get all tasks approved and completed.


Assign roles to each team member for the event

Remember that everyone in your team has something to offer! Find out what your team members’ strengths are and assign roles based on those. For example, if someone on your team is very organised, they might make a great Event Manager! Or if someone on your team is great with numbers, they might be the best fit to manage the event finances.

Submit event via Ride website for Youth Focus & FRC approval

Create a draft of your event on the website and send your Event Planning Form and Draft Budget to your FRC Representative for approval. Once your event has been approved, Youth Focus will make your event ‘live’ on the website and you can start selling tickets!

Click here for more information on how to set up your event on the website.

Promote  your event

  • Share your event on your personal social media pages and don’t forget to include the reason why you’re participating in the Ride. A personal link to the cause will resonate with your donors.
  • Consider publicising the event at your workplace (with your workplace’s permission!) on the staff
  • Email the event link to your networks so they can purchase tickets.

Create your marketing material

Make your event stand out! Contact Youth Focus to organise banners, donation forms, videos and donation buckets to help brand your event. Don’t forget to contact Youth Focus as soon as possible to book your
marketing materials.

Depending on your style of event, it may be beneficial to have a Youth Focus representative speak about the organisation and where the funds raised go. Please email Youth Focus for any speaker requirements.

Event day

Make sure that one of your team members is assigned to overseeing the overall logistics – this will help the event run smoothly. Don’t forget to communicate that your activity/event is being held for the benefit of Youth Focus. Remember to thank your sponsors (if applicable) and take photos – these can be used for post event promotions.

Event follow up

Before the funds from your event can be distributed, you will need to submit your Event Reconciliation Form and ensure all event expenses have been paid and any monies have been banked. Allocation can only occur once all documentation and monies are received by Youth Focus.

Don’t forget to submit photos and a blurb about how your event went to Youth Focus! Seeing your event on social media and the HRFY website can motivate people to donate as well as provide inspiration to fellow riders
for their event.