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Hello! Welcome to my page. I am a 54 year-old husband of one and father of three. Last year was my first HRFY and things were going brilliantly until I tested positive for Covid with just 80km to go. So, I am back for 2024, with the aim of finishing this thing properly!

I have spent most of my life in Perth, with the last 15 years in the welcoming and vibrant community of West Leederville. I took up cycling properly about four years ago when I realised I was struggling to tie my shoelaces. Riding has reconnected me with the natural world, introduced me to another fantastic community and made me a true embarrassment to my children. Being a father of teenagers has made me more acutely aware of the mental health challenges faced by young people in a world where social engagement can be elusive and self-esteem can be hard to maintain. These challenges can make us feel a bit helpless, so the work of Youth Focus is important and worthy of all the support we can muster. Please donate what you can. Thanks.

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