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Tim Sondalini

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I'm thrilled to come back for my second Ride for Youth.

I joined the 2022 Ride as a team building activity with Team Hesperia and as a bit of a challenge to myself. But as training progressed I became more and more inspired by the mission and work of Youth Focus. High school early adult hoots are challenging time for everyone. The help Youth Focus provides to young people to thrive through these years in invaluable and I'm passionate that my effort on the Ride helps support Youth Focus' work.

After having an unbelievably fun Ride in 2022 Graine Byrne and I have recruited three other Hesperians to join the team: Abby Wheeler, Richard Stroud and Tim Tjhung.

Come and join us on this adventure by following the links on this page and donating to Team Hesperia.

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