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I love biking. Be it mountain biking, triathlons (in an earlier life), road bike riding and most recently gravel rides. I even enjoy a good session on a smart trainer. Bike riding helps me deal with my anxieties and depression. I have suffered with depression for many years, and while the experience and severity is different from person to person I really empathize with all people, young and old, living with this challenge. Mental illness can be a hugely debilitating dark cloud in many peoples lives. It can impact academic progress, careers, social and home life. Left unattended it can have the worst possible outcome imaginable... suicide.

For adults mental health may be combatted through engaging a private psychologist or similar counsel. I am extremely fortunate to have the support and understanding of my amazing wife, Pippa. But having listened to the lived experiences at Ride for Youth events, not everyone is as fortunate as I am. A young person who doesn't have the financial means or support of their parents/carers can feel as though they are being carried adrift in stormy seas, all alone. Youth Focus is an organisation that helps these lonely young people when they need it most.

I do the ride in the hope that my efforts and funds I raise will make a difference to the lives of some young West Australians in desperate need of help.

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