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Michael Scolt

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    Financial Planning Manager

I came across the Ride for Youth a few years ago, when I was new to the sport of cycling. A friend of mine was participating in the ride, and I was inspired by his dedication to the intense training schedule, raising funds and awareness for a very worthy cause. At that time, riding 700 km over several days seemed to me like a near-impossible task.

Since then, riding has become a vital part of my life and integral to my health and well-being. Physically, it helps keep me fit and active, and mentally it's a great way to catch up with mates and socialise in a healthy environment. It's also important to me to know I'm doing my bit to reduce my reliance on the car for my daily commute to work.

Several years later, the inspiration continues: while I can ride, I will do what I can to help the community and the YouthFocus organisation.

Riding has helped me get through difficult times in life and help me manage the stress of everyday challenges, which at times can really test my resolve; however, as difficult as riding 700 km over 4.5 days, I also know that I am blessed in life and can give my time and effort to help others.

So please help me give back in achieving to raise (at least) $5,000 in donations for the Ride for Youth and YouthFocus. Your valuable donation will go towards providing vital mental health services to our youth, whose leading cause of death is suicide in the 15-24 years age bracket.

Thank you for your support!

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