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I'm really looking forward to the HRFY challenge as it brings a lot of my passions together for such a wonderful cause.
Having been blessed with three healthy children (24, 21 and 18) and being able to raise our family in regional WA (Mt Barker and Denmark) I feel incredibly lucky. I've also been very active in local sport - coaching junior, youth and senior women's football (proper round ball stuff) over the last 15 years. During this time, being quite close to the regional youth in our area it is clear what a massive impact mental health and wellbeing has in our community. All three of our children have had a person in their peer group die from suicide - so the impact is very real and close to home. The impact is close to virtually everyone living in small regional towns.
One of my other passions is cycling, which I turned to approximately 5 years ago when my knees wouldn't let me play football anymore. It is the mental health that is just as important as physical benefits in my opinion. What better way to try and make a difference than combining my two passions.

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