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In 2020 I started a new chapter in my life by joining Oqea, a wellbeing and mental health digital platform that has a clear purpose, creating a place for connected wellbeing, for everyone, everywhere.
It also triggered a long term desire to join the ride, because over the years I have heard so many great stories about the impact it has on our children and youth. Years ago I was introduced to the late Geoff Rasmussen about some business opportunities, so whilst he shared a lot of wisdom, he left a very positive impression with me about the purpose of the HRFY.
I was exposed to suicide and mental health when a close family took his life as a teenager. The impact it left on his family and friends was devastating. That was over 30 years ago and since then I have been exposed to many stories of mental health in our society, whether it is impacting our youth, employees, family and mates.
Life is also about building resilience which has been tested many times through my life and career. I have learnt that you can do a lot by taking a proactive approach to your own and others wellbeing.
It starts by breaking down the stigma of mental health and the fact that many suffer in isolation.
Please support myself, my team and the ride to continue the success of making a difference to our youth.

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