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Learne Durrington

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So I am doing the Ride for Youth again...why?
Well the last couple taught us all many things but one was about young people - maybe their resilience is not what we thought - as schools moved to remote learning, team sports were on hold, employment opportunities dried up young people felt the brunt of Covid 19 yet these impacts have a long way to play out. Along with climate change, Ukraine and the unintended impact of social media young people are grappling with many challenges. Supporting young people to look after their mental health and wellbeing is integral to a thriving community and social structure.
However, while the training is tough for an old gal like me the Ride For Youth gives me more than it demands - camaraderie, achievement, a sense of belonging and community, the opportunity to give back and make a commitment to what I believe is important.
It’s tough in these times where fundraising is tricky, and many charities ask a lot of the community. Yet we need to invest in the next generations to ensure the consequences of Covid et al don’t linger too long. And I for one don’t want to look back and think I could have done more!

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