Goal $2,000,000

Heiko Plange-Korndoerfer

  • Occupation

    Chief Development Officer, Youth Focus

It is an honour to be part of the inaugural 'Youth Focus' Ride Team and to represent the heart-felt gratitude of my colleagues, for the generosity (time and treasure & spirit) that every rider and volunteer brings to this event.

I see first-hand the impact the Ride makes as we strive for a world where a young person’s mental health does not get in the way of them being who they want to be.
I am thrilled to call the Hawaiian Ride for Youth family home – more power to all of us!

A special thank you to all of our Team supporters in particular - Meredith Eddington, curator of the Shenton College Designer Clothing Sale and Roger Blow, a veteran of Ride and aficionado of the Corporate Battle of the Bands.

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  • $5k

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