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Glen Mesch

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After joining the ride for the first time in 2023, I am very excited to be going around again in 2024. With a couple of new (young) faces joining some repeat offenders (old) the Shadforth Team will be strongly represented in what is our 13th year of sponsorship.

The first year was very much a learning experience of what the ride represents and why it continues to thrive 20+ years down the track. Listening to the life stories of some of the riders and witnessing first hand the responses as we stopped at the rural high schools is palpable...and life changing. I was always under the impression the biggest killer of our youth was motor vehicle accidents. I remained shocked that number is dwarfed by the number who take their own lives. If my Team and I can contribute to the saving of one life through our fundraising efforts, then busting my arse for 6 months training and 700km having fun on a bike surrounded by my friends is all I have to do, then I am in.

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