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In March 2024, I am embarking on my third Hawaiian Ride for Youth which will see me ride 700 kilometres from Albany to Perth over 4.5 days to raise funds and awareness for Youth Focus and the critical mental health services they provide to young Western Australians.

With the amazing support and generous donations from my family (especially Nicole!) and wider network, the 2023 Haiwaiian Ride for Youth was a huge success and raised an incredible $2.0 million for Youth Focus. Unfortunately, demand for mental health services continues to outstrip supply and suicide remains the leading cause of death in the 15-24 years age bracket.

Accordingly, I’m back in the saddle for the 2024 Hawaiian Ride for Youth. This will see me up at 4:30am three to four days a week over six month of training where I will literally ride thousands of kilometers and spend hundreds of hours in the saddle to prepare for the Ride.

Donations to this important cause are very much appreciated. All donations go directly to Youth Focus and are fully tax deductible. $50 will assist to deliver free, professional counselling services to a young Western Australian with mental health issues, $150 will help facilitate a one on one counselling session and $250 will help fund a full day peer support program.

Thank you!

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