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I am very excited to be participating in my 4th Ride for Youth to help support Youth Focus and the amazing work it does to improve the wellbeing and mental health of young people in Western Australia.

I would particularly like to thank the support from "The Agency" - Real Estate Group and "Fogarty Partners" - Chartered Accountants as key corporate sponsors.

I'm very concerned with the alarming increase in anxiety, depression and suicide in young people. Social media and the recent Covid-19 pandemic are only further increasing these issues.

I'm very fortunate to have five beautiful and healthy children, however I know that every day presents many challenges to their wellbeing and mental health. With such a large family I've also been exposed to many kids, friends and family that are challenged with their general wellbeing and mental health.

This is a major problem and these kids need the resources, support and tools to help them manage through this period. With your support Youth focus provides this to help the young people of WA.

I believe being proactive with your wellbeing and mental health is something that everyone should be doing everyday. I personally work on my wellbeing everyday and riding a bike is just one way that helps me do that.

Please support me and donate generously to make a difference and help improve the wellbeing of the Youth of Western Australia.

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