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What better way to kick off my fundraising for the 2024 Hawaiian Ride For Youth than a donation from my year 6 son, Jasper, and two of his mates who achieved their required 'community hours' with a bake sale raising money for Youth Focus. Kids helping kids - that says it all really.

This year's ride will be my 10th and I'm riding with Team Delta Lithium - a team which is made up of a mix of old mates and new. The 2023 ride was a great experience and I can't wait to go around again with a bunch of fabulous people doing their bit to help our community.

I feel very fortunate to have found my way to the Ride For Youth back in 2015. I've been lucky enough to meet a brilliant group of people who band together to raise much needed funds for an organisation that delivers in a really meaningful way. The added bonus for me is that the training helps keep me physically fit, and riding my bike with mates, new and old, is the best thing for my mental health and an escape from the pressure of legal practice.

I couldn't do the ride without the support of my amazing family and, as always, friends, colleagues and family members who support me and donate to Youth Focus - with many of them having done so each year since my first Ride For Youth in 2015.

Thanks very much for your support as I, and my mates on the bike and in the support crew, do what we can to raise money for Youth Focus and raise awareness of youth mental health challenges in our community and help our young people build their resilience.

As usual, I'll be logging a daily snapshot of the ride with all of my supporters - hopefully that's worth a few bucks.


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