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I have a beautiful wife Pippa and two gorgeous children Meg and Max

How did I come to be part of the great RFY initiative? I've been a keen road cyclist and mountain biker for many years. I'm also acutely aware of the fact that even though we live in the 'lucky' country, depression and other mental health issues are so prominent in our community. It is essential to provide readily accessible help to young people suffering from depression. When young people are in a bad way they need a person to speak to there and then. Waiting months to see someone doesn't meet their needs and the waiting period can be very risky if they are spiraling downward.

The 2022 ride will be my second and I count myself really fortunate to be part of RFY. The visits to regional schools along the ride provide very good insight into the valuable services that Youth Focus offers as well as the mental health challenges that riders have experienced either personally or when they have lived alongside friends or family with mental illness.

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