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Scott Jackson

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In March 2021, I did my first Hawaiian Ride For Youth. From day one of training through to the final ceremony it was an amazing and fulfilling experience. So much so that I am back for more. I trained for the 2022 ride with Inlanders but unfortunately I had to pull out a week before it started - and then promptly had open heart surgery with an aortic valve replacement. So 2023 will be a challenge for me but with the team's support I'll get there.

To recap - “Ride for Youth” is responsible for a significant portion of the annual funding required for Youth Focus which enables them continue to do an amazing job with the young members of our community who are faced with mental struggles.

Many thanks to my past and current team sponsors - Matador and Euroz Hartleys. Thanks also to my current and past team members not to mention the coaches, support staff and the other 150+ riders.

I thank you for supporting this great cause - your generous donation will make a real difference to the life of a vulnerable young person.

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