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I'm a Dad of three and husband of one....I've been inspired to do this ride because, like most people, I've lived, and observed, the ups and downs that young people with mental health issues experience. I know that help helps - I also know that most people these days are aware of their mental health and know they should ask for help if they need it. But for too many people, there is not enough help available, or not the right help for them.

The Hawaiian Ride for Youth creates the opportunity to connect young people with the help they need to support their mental health, by letting them know where to find it, and by raising funds to ensure Youth Focus can keep up with the ever-growing demand.

It's not an understatement to say there is a mental health crisis in our community. We can, and should, do more about it - because the payoff for the individuals, families and the society as a whole is immense.

I also work for Citadel MAGNUS, and I'm proud to represent the firm as we celebrate seven years of sponsoring a team in the Hawaiian Ride for Youth.

And finally, I'm getting off my backside and getting into the training. Have even dropped a few kilos while I'm reaping the overall wellness benefits of doing some serious exercise.

Please donate - young lives depend on it.

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