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This will be my 2nd go at the ride and 3rd year that I have been involved with the Hawaiian Ride for Youth.
Last year with the 'belters' (Wheatbelt Peloton) totally blew my mind. Every day that we completed our distance from one country town to the next and rolled into a school, hearing incredible stories from those on the ride and sharing time with the young people of each school are all memories that I stick with me.

All of training for the ride helps me out so much with my Mental Health.
I just want to be a good role model for my 3 beautiful kids. I want them to know that it's ok to have troubles with mental health and it’s OK to talk to someone.
Finding the thing that puts you back in your frame of mind;
Mine is exercise (Ironman Triathlon training and Cycling) not to mention that I have an amazing support network of family and friends on the ride that keep you grounded most of the time.

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