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I’m back baby!

My first Ride in 2022 raised over $17000x

That’s funds to help young people in need of mental health support.

Just makes sense doesn’t it.

All the kms.
All the 4.30am starts.

Worth it.

My family has been affected first hand by mental health and suicide in recent years and so this one of the key reasons why I chose to do this ride.

I fervently believe that if you have the capacity, you have the responsibility.

And so taking part in the 2023 Ride for Youth is about taking responsibility for raising awareness and funds to help the youth of WA. To enable everyone to have the future they deserve.

So I’m asking you - dig deep to help me to help others. It’s easy. Just try:
Add some zeros.
Feel awesome knowing that you have used YOUR capacity to help someone else.

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