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This is me take 2. Last year/ this year, 2020, Covid pipped us at the post just days before we were due to leave. After learning to ride a road bike at the start of the season and being nervous every time I went out ( especially the long hills rides), I decided that it was a skill I was determined to maintain, and finish something I had started. So here we go again. I think the fundraising is seeming more daunting this time. But I know the training will soon start to take its toll too.

I am so relieved that the money we raised for HRFY 2020 was again put to its right use. I feel more than ever that the year 2020 is a year that our youth will be utilising all the resources that youth focus have to offer, and then even more so.
The all too obvious restrictions Covid placed on us, is magnified in our young adults. Through an already turbulent time in their development they have been thrust into a world where there has been no escape from the constant apocalyptic news of job losses, death, daily tolls, the stress of trusted adults buckling under the strain. Their inability for socialisation, the extra pressures of no school and or structure in the weeks of lockdown, the loss of milestone celebrations, opportunities suspended or lost. These were just some of the things my children had to deal with. But thankfully they had each other, a family network that was around when resilience was low. Even with support life can be hard.
Thats why Im riding again

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