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I'm delighted to be heading into my 8th Hawaiian Ride For Youth in 2022 riding in Team Crossing Crew. The 2022 ride will be the 20th and in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the ride we have the usual 3 pelotons (Coastal, Wheatbelt and Inland) as well as a Heritage peloton which includes 15 of the original riders and a couple of support crew who embarked on a crazy adventure back in 2003 and created one of the great charity events in this country which has, to date, raised $26m for Youth Focus. I am fortunate enough to be riding with the Heritage peloton and can't wait for ride week to come around.

The past couple of years have been incredibly challenging for our community on many levels and some recent mental health data Youth Focus provided to us confirms that the pressure and stresses faced by young people in our community is only worsening and they (and their families) need our support.

The Ride For Youth has brought so many rewards for me - I've been fortunate to meet an incredible bunch of people who band together to raise much needed funds for an organisation that delivers in a really meaningful way. My 'Crossing Crew' team is a reuniting of 3 mates (and a son and another great mate) who I connected with over cycling way back when I first jumped on a bike with any seriousness. It's going to be a blast riding with Bevan (x2) and Mick in the same peloton as them for the first time in over 10 years.

I couldn't do the ride without the support of my amazing family and, as always, friends, colleagues and family members who support me and donate to Youth Focus - many of whom have done so each year since my first Ride For Youth in 2015.

Thanks very much for your support as I, and my many mates on the bike and in the support crew, do what we can to raise money and raise awareness of youth mental health challenges in our community and help to build their resilience.

As usual, I'll be logging a daily snapshot of the ride with all of my supporters - which may or may not be an incentive for you to make a donation.


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