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Hall of Fame 2024

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The 22nd annual Hawaiian Ride for Youth officially launched on Thursday 5 October, with more than 150 riders, support crew, sponsors and supporters gathering to mark the beginning of the 2024 Ride journey.

Congratulations to the newest inductees to the Hall of Fame announced at the event: Chris Rimmer, Mark Cockayne, Bob Myles and Learne Durrington.

The Hall of Fame acknowledges riders and support crew who have participated in 10 Rides and their significant contribution to the Ride community.

A special congratulations to Learne as the first woman to enter the Hall of Fame as a rider – a truly significant moment in the Ride’s history.


2024 Hall of Fame Inductees

Chris Rimmer

Chris Rimmer, affectionately known to all as Rimms, is today recognised for his significant contribution to the Hawaiian Ride for Youth, having saddled up for 10 rides.

To simplify it to just the number of rides would do Rimms an injustice for he has been immensely more.

It began as a member of the long list of Crossing Crew riders to join the Ride dating back to originals, Bevans, Warner and O’Farrell. Not only has Rimms always been a valuable team member in each of his years, consistently raising funds for Youth Focus as well as always being there to support all riders who may been having a rough day, but he has also been a valuable leader within each peloton.

Taking on roles as Team Captain and more recently the critically important role of Ride Lead, Rimms has always been calm in a crisis, caring to all and a wonderful example of the commitment to every Ride through his consistency across training and contribution to peloton safety.

What is not known to many is the work Rimms has done to ensure the Ride does not encounter any legal hurdles, making an enormous contribution, free of charge, to the formation of the constitution.

We celebrate Rimms’ induction to the Hall of Fame and thank him for his dedication to ensuring each and every rider involved with his peloton is safe and most importantly, having fun.


Mark Cockayne

After the longest pre-first Ride training in Hawaiian Ride for Youth history – about three years – Mark finally completed his first ride in 2014. He quickly progressed into assisting coaches before taking on a designated coaching role four years ago.

Many new and less experienced riders have been fortunate to have his caring and empathetic nature guide them into the Hawaiian Ride for Youth family. He never leaves anyone behind and is a calm hand to help new riders believe in themselves.

As well as coaching duties, he added the responsibility of being a Ride Lead role in 2023 and will again in 2024. He is also a joint Captain and junior member of the rock-solid Team WAPHA.

Always calm, always considering others and epitomizes the values of the Hawaiian Ride for Youth.


Bob Myles

Bob is an individual who embodies the spirit and dedication that defines the essence of our shared passion for cycling and, more importantly, our commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of others in our community.

This rider, often referred to as the “Rex Hunt” of our Ride community has an infectious personality that makes them a favourite on training rides – though, as the tale goes, getting a word in might require some strategic manoeuvring!

What truly sets this individual apart is not just their prowess on two wheels, but their humility. In a world where achievements can sometimes inflate egos, our “Rex Hunt” remains grounded, earning respect and admiration from all who cross paths.

But it’s not just about the Ride; it’s about the riders. This person’s willingness to check in on the wellbeing of their fellow cyclists speaks volumes about their character.

Even when taking a break from the bike, the commitment didn’t waver, but they became a valued part of our support crew.

Bob is an extraordinary individual who has not only mastered the art of cycling but, more importantly, has mastered the art of giving back.


Learne Durrington

Learne has been a trailblazer across her life and this evening, becomes the first woman to enter the Hall of Fame as a 10 year rider – a truly significant achievement in the history of the Ride.

Learne’s commitment to the Hawaiian Ride for Youth has been demonstrated consistently over the 10 years – she has always been a voice for inclusion, she has strongly supported women of all ages to participate and contribute and is the glue that binds the WAPHA team together.

Learne has dedicated her life to public service with a strong sense of conviction, focus and energy – and it is these same attributes that she has brought to the Ride community in pursuit of improved youth mental health in Western Australia.

Learne is admired and respected across the peloton, not just for the attributes already mentioned, but especially for her grit and determination to climb the summit time and time again on the bike.

Congratulations to the very first woman in the Hall of Fame, Learne.

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