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Terri Quinlan

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    Tezza, Tez, TQ, Cuts … and some that I don’t want to know about possibly..?!
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Moved to Perth from Geraldton early in 2020, and have managed to meet lots of amazing people through riding, many of whom have been involved with this ride since it’s inception. So warm and welcoming - and all say the R4Y is a huge challenge and a great cause. Working as a health professional reminds me daily, of how crucial and precious good health is to us all. And having a teenager and a young adult of our own at home with us, reminds me of the pressures and complexities of life when you’re that age. Suicide has directly touched both our families in years past, and I feel like life’s stresses are only increasing in our world in recent times. Love that the funds raised go to providing youth mental health services on the ground.

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