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2020 bought us a lot of uncertainty and likely more downs than ups for many. One huge change for me was instead of travelling 160+ days a year for work, I had to stay in Perth almost the whole year (since March). This gave me the opportunity of joining the Ride for Youth. I'd been asked in the past and was always throwing out the excuse of "I travel too much and can't do the training". So in 2020, I jumped at the opportunity, signed up and promptly fell off my mountain bike requiring a full shoulder reconstruction. Oops. But that only delayed my training a little.

Whilst I am looking forward to the ride and enjoying (most of) the training, the real boost for me is benefits that will come from the fundraising. As a father of 4 teenagers (sigh), and with many of my friends children around us, it is abundantly clear to me that not every kid grows up happy and cheery 100% of the time. What is also clear to me is that when the right help is available, the outcomes can be hugely beneficial. The funds we raise provide valuable counselling services ($3000 gives a young client 6 months counselling).

The “Ride for Youth” is responsible for a significant portion of the annual funding required for Youth Focus which enables them continue to do an amazing job with the young members of our community who are faced with mental struggles.

Many thanks to my team sponsors - Euroz Hartley - who made amazing contributions allowing us to ride. Thanks also to our Team Captain Shane 'Ease Up' Lehmann, David Smyth and Paul Thompson. Not to mention the coaches, support staff and the other 150+ riders.

I hope this is the first of many “Ride for Youth’s” for me and I thank you for supporting this great cause - your generous donation will make a real difference to the life of a vulnerable young West Australian person.

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