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Peter Marcakis

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    Cactus / Mr POC
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    Finance, Business, Management, Corporate Governance

I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in this year's Hawaiian Ride for Youth with Team MACA. It will be a great experience and challenge. We have already cycled a few thousand kilometres and climbed plenty of hills over the last six months, in preparation for the ride.

Life presents all sorts of hurdles for young people and most of them find their way through the maze. But many struggle, resulting in mental health and wellness issues, which can lead to depression, anxiety, self-harm and suicide.

The ride enables me to contribute in a small way to Youth Focus to help young people. If you can join with me, together we can help ensure Youth Focus continues to make a difference. Thanks to my family, friends and colleagues for all the support and thank you for any donation you are able to make.


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