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Peter Langham

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I’m delighted to be riding in the 20th Anniversary Hawaiian Ride for Youth. I was a rider in the inaugural event and to see what this ride has become is incredible. This March I will also be riding with my eldest daughter Jessica, which makes it even more special.

Although we moved away from Perth many years ago, I have always followed the ride and seen many friends and colleagues take on the challenge and supported many through donations.

I am in awe of all those that have made this event, what it has become.
There are those that have ridden every year, been on the committees, been part of the support crews, driven the fund raising and so much more. Many of these are the unsung heroes that helped support such an amazing cause.

From the first ride, I have taken a closer look at the problems, so many youngsters face and the horrendous impact self-harm and suicide, has on so many people.

Youth Focus has become a leader in their field in WA and helped so many. I am delighted to continue to support them, as I hope you will too.

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