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This will be my second “Ride for Youth” however also hopefully my first!. I did all the training and raised approx. $10,000 last year, however I had to withdraw the week before the ride due to a heart complication. I was disappointed but the training and fund raising had been done which is the important part however I do want to complete the ride this time around. Thank you to my Euroz Hartleys team mates for getting the group back together for 2022 and I am very much looking forward to this iconic event and for being able to help raise money for an amazing charity.

This event has always been on my bucket list for many reasons. First and foremost is being a father of three teenagers, I have seen them all go through difficult mental and emotional struggles over the past few years. We have been fortunate to have a loving and supportive family and the resources to seek professional help for our children. That is not always the case for our Youth - I am honoured and privileged to be able to make a small contribution to the cost of providing counselling to a young person in need.

Youth Focus delivers frontline services and education programs which aim to reduce symptoms associated with suicide, depression, anxiety and self-harm, and build long-term mental wellbeing to help young people reach their full potential. In addition to its signature service offering of free, face-to-face professional counselling for 12 to 25 year olds, Youth Focus engages with communities to educate and build awareness about youth mental health issues and suicide prevention. As part of this engagement, the organisation also delivers education programs in schools and communities across Western Australia. Each year, Youth Focus supports more than 12,000 young Western Australians with free and uncapped face-to-face counselling, assessment and education.

The “Ride for Youth” is responsible for a significant portion of the annual funding required for Youth Focus which enables them continue to do an amazing job with the young members of our community who are faced with mental struggles.

My other reasons to sign up for RFY is I love bike riding and I love a physical challenge - this charity allows me to challenge myself and get fit in a structured, supported, enjoyable and safe training environment and to connect or reconnect with like-minded people from Perth and WA after spending 21 years abroad.

I hope this is the first of many completed “Ride for Youth’s” for me and I thank you for supporting this great cause - your generous donation will make a real difference to the life of a vulnerable young West Australian person.

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