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With unfinished business after the cancellation of last year's Ride, I have signed up again for the MinterEllison team for the 2021 Ride. Whilst it was disappointing to miss out on the Ride and the school visits, there were so many positives that it was an easy decision to make.

Most importantly, it is a great cause that is even more important this year with the mental health challenges that the pandemic has caused.

I had a great time (well, sort of!) doing the training - not because of love of lycra or long distances but because of the wonderful people who were also taking part. Positive, great fun and hugely supportive.

Finally, it was great to be representing the firm and to feel the whole firm backing us in the challenge. I was so proud of my team mates and all the work that they did towards our fund raising events and thoroughly enjoyed riding with them (well, behind them really....).

So here we go again! Thanks for your support and generosity. Every dollar you give will make a difference to someone's life.

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