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Gavin Marsh

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    general practitioner

I have had an association with the Ride for Youth since its beginning when it was just a good idea discussed around the dinner table in 2002. I have done 6 rides 5 of them with my wife Karen who has constantly been in support whether riding or not. I have been an ambassador for Youth Focus and the work they have done over the years.
As a career general practitioner with an interest in youth mental health I see the visibility of the ride to the community at large as an important focus for discussion and recognition of the stressed faced by young people in this challenging age we live in. Personally, as a father, son, brother, and friend I experience loved ones enduring the pain of mental illnesses. My professional training did not equip me for the grief, sadness and at times the fear that this carries. The Sharing of stories and the holding of the pain in trusted communities that has been the greatest gift. Sometimes it has been simply waiting for the opportunity to be in support as over coming the need for vulnerability to facilitate recovery is sometimes a big step.
These days, I continue to work as a doctor, but I also support others in a personal coaching role and work with boys and their families to support their transition into healthy men through rites of passage work.

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