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Lynn Patrick

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    Dental Therapist

I'm a Yorkshire girl living in Perth for the last 23 years. Married to Steve & we have Harry who is 15.

My history is in triathlon but unfortunately running doesn't agree with me any more & cycling is my thing.

I participated in the ride in 2018.
Unfortunately I was having a lot of problems with my left hip during this time & at the end of 2018 had to undergo a total hip replacement.
This wasn't a great exerience physically or mentally & for a while I wasn't convinced I would ride again.

I was support crew for the ride in 2019 which was fantastic. Loved it. In 2020 I was support crew again but due to covid the ride had to be cancelled.

So here we are in 2021. I have been accepted to ride in 2022 which is amazing both for what the ride represents & for me to be able to take part again. Can't believe it.

I love my bike. Having the opportunity to cycle & raise money at the same time for this fantastic cause is just brilliant. Many of us, including myself, have experience with depression and suicide, directly and indirectly. I am very excited to have this opportunity to promote and support the work of Youth Focus. Your sponsorship would be very muchly greatly appreciated to help me reach the fundraising goal of $5000. Thank you🥰

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