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I'm proud to have ridden in the first Ride For Youth and to be doing my twelfth ride this year, with my son Mitch, in the mighty Heritage peloton!

The photo above was taken at the end of my second ride, in 2004. My beautiful kids, Natasha (8) and Mitch (5) have since successfully navigated their lives, with many ups and very few downs, in a manner for which I am full of admiration and love. Tash is completing a PhD at UWA in Conservation Biology, Mitch works as an auditor at BDO. They are good humans and getting better by the day, Together with their beautiful mum Amanda and our old kelpie Hame, they form a kernel of preciousness that makes me a fortunate bloke.
You can see from the photo above that Mitch, rocking a Mambo T and surf hat ahead of its time in size, was always cutting edge in the fashion stakes. Nothing much has changed. Training with Mitch and the other sons and daughters of the original riders has been a lot of fun.

It also needs to be said that although Amanda only need look after Hame the kelpie for the week of the ride this year, were it not for her support throughout the long hours of training and ride week, I would not have been able to complete my eleven rides.

Although we may be the lucky country, suicide and anxiety remains a troubling issue, particularly in our teenagers. My children, our family, have all felt the helpless chill of someone they know struggling with these issues. I imagine it is the same for most families.

This is why I ride for this charity. They do good work throughout WA helping young people address and overcome these challenges.

If you are looking for a good cause to support, look no further!

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