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Karen Marsh

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    NFP community and personal development

I'm feeling my age since my first ride - time and injury have slowed me down physically, but nothing has changed my passion and love for HRFY, the people involved, and the need our young people have for support through intense mental health challenges. Thank you Youth Focus for the opportunity to do it again and for the work you do.
In truth, I have been support crew for 6 of the 10 rides attributed on this profile - but who am I to get in the way of a good story!

All of us have the basic human need to be seen and heard, to feel worthy and be worthwhile. Yet life throws curveballs. None of us can do it alone. It takes vulnerability to be in connection yet we are often taught that vulnerability is weakness. Shame loses its power when shared with those we trust.

This ride is a special one - 20 years of celebration - to be alongside Gavin and Sam is awesome, and I feel so happy to be doing it with friends and families that were there from the beginning. The kids that I knew are young adults now - and to cycle with them is a blast of maternal pride and joy in the future.

Please help us raise funds for Youth Focus in whatever capacity you are able.

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