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Jane Forward

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    Valued Lives CEO

I was working at Youth Focus, when the first ride occurred, and was volunteered to accompany about 20 larrikins on what would be come an iconic event.
20 years later, and having completed three other R4Y rides, I am back again to once more share those early morning starts, thousands of kilometers on the road, hundreds hours of chatter and laughter, too many bananas and never enough shade.
Over the years the ride as an event has become increasingly more sophisticated but at its heart, remains a vehicle that brings people together, creates community and shows young people that people do care and are prepared to help.
My commitment to ending suicide and improving the health and well being of young people has never waned and I feel honored to continue to be associated to a charity, who's vision I truly believe in.
Riding in this years event, will help create balance in my very busy life but more than this, being in an all woman's team I am role modeling to my three teenagers the positive benefits of exercise, the strength of sisterhood and most importantly that there is a community around me that love and care.

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