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Hi Guys,

Why do you look so shocked? Trust me no one is more shocked about this then I am. If you had told me three months ago I would be waking up at 4.30am to squeeze my body into a lycra number, clip into a road bike and grind out a few hundred km’s a week - I would have thought you had gone mad, but hey, that is me right now working towards my first ever Hawaiian Ride For Youth. I am not going to lie, it’s been tough and a massive learning curve with many many firsts, but I’m really enjoying the challenge and am so proud to be cycling in the name of such a good cause, alongside some really great people. The support around me from family, friends, work colleagues and my cycling teams has been incredible. But there is my point, good support can make all the difference in what we do and what we achieve. It makes you feel valid, provides you with the tools to get things working and offers encouragement when needed.

This is exactly what youth focus offers to our youth in need - validation, encouragement and guidance. And for many of our youth it’s not just a bike ride, it’s challenges that impact daily which can affect their life’s course. Our youth deserve encouraging support and a quality guide. We all know from personal experience that this can make all the difference.

I am honoured, with your help, to support that!

Please donate generously, not for me, but for this cause. It’s needs you, we all do!

Thanks so much
Jade x

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