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Grant Adendorff

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As global stressors mount, the importance of supporting youth mental health is only going to increase. We must all be playing an active role in supporting those around us, and also be brave to speak out when we need a hand.

Unlike some of the amazing riders taking part in the ride, I don't have inspirational experiences to engage the school students. Also, other than just being someone to listen and ask if you're ok, i'm not really equipped to help those who need it. These things aside, I want to help to support those who really can make a difference. Whether that's just supporting a team mate through the ride, so that they can share their story, or helping raise funds to support youth focus, so they can continue extend their support networks.

It's only a little contribution, but every little bit to help WA's most vulnerable and at risk young people counts. That's why I wanted to be part of the Hawaiian Ride For Youth.

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