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Darren Sharp

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    Sharpie / Dazz
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After ten years off the bike, I am undertaking my first Ride for Youth and very much looking forward to the challenge.

I'm very passionate about mental health awareness, diagnosis and treatment from both a professional and very personal perspective. With a background in mining, I have witnessed the devastating impacts mental wellbeing has on individuals and teams. But most importantly, we have a family member with a mental health disorder and so have experienced and fully understand the real difficulties and costs associated with navigating the health system, obtaining medical advice, counselling and then sustaining treatment. The services Youth Focus provides saves lives - and when it is this close to you, you appreciate mental health services so much more.

I have committed $1,600 for the ride costs, to six months of training three days a week at 0530 and five days to ride 700km for the cause. Please dig deep and donate to the Ride for Youth - our youth are the pathway to the future.

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