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Hi Everybody,

March 22nd this year I am taking on a 700km ride from Albany to Perth, called the Hawaiian Ride for Youth to raise awareness and funds to assist in the prevention of Youth Suicide, Depression, Anxiety and Self Harm for YOUTH FOCUS. So if you see me going hard in RPM and out on the road more with my training buddies in Kalgoorlie, this is what I am training for. During the ride we stop at schools to talk to the children, relating to these life changing issues.
So please make a donation, for this very important issue facing the youth of today.
I am looking forward to riding with my awesome teammates and the HRFY team.
To donate, highlight url below, right click and go to the website.

Thankyou once again for your donation, it will make a difference to the youth of tomorrow in need of help and support.


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