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I’m fortunate to have two awesome kids who are learning to deal with life’s challenges with help from time-to time (which often feels like all the time 😊) from Mum and Dad to guide them on their journey to adulthood.

Then again, not everyone is so fortunate, and there are many who have for no reason or doing of their own face challenges that we possibly don’t comprehend – and that is where Youth Focus come in.

Youth Focus to continue to provide early intervention and prevention services free of charge. These services, delivered by a team of highly skilled psychologists, social workers and occupational therapists are aimed at supporting young people and their families to overcome the issues associated with suicide depression, anxiety and self-harm.

But nothing is really free. Your contribution towards funds raised will be used to increase the awareness of young people's continuing battle against depression, self harm and suicide.

One end of the bargain that I have to uphold is training for the ride, supporting my teammates and upholding the values of Ride for Youth, enduring the 700km ride from Albany to Perth, and most importantly sharing stories with middle and upper school children in towns along the way.

Beling selected to ride in this 20 Year Anniversary event is an honour and a privilege, especially since Covid cancelled the 2020 event, and then I broke my toe (and was unable to ride in March 2021) – so whilst I have been training and supporting for the past three years – strangely this will be my first ride!

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