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WARNING. The following text contains serious dad jokes.

I have a beautiful wife Pip and two gorgeous two-legged children Meg and Max and one four-legged one named Midas. Why Midas? Because he is a Goldie and everything he touches literally turns to gold, especially black skirts and trousers - Not that I wear skirts that often.

How did I come to be part of the great RFY initiative? I've been a keen road and MTB cyclist for many years. I'm also acutely aware of the fact that even though we live in the 'lucky' country, depression and other mental health issues are so prominent in our community.

When I signed up for the Hawaiian RFY and I was talking about this around the dinner table with my family, explaining that I would be doing a big ride in 2021, my daughter Meg, who finishes school this year, took a very keen, almost over the top, interest in the ride. She was so eager she even volunteered to be my support person on the ride. Her keenness was severely dampened when she realised that the ride wasn't in Hawaii.

We are a hockey-playing family and spend a good part of the Winter watching Meg and Max playing hockey. I play in the 50's competition and have been playing for so long now that I'm sure one day I will have had enough practice that I will be good at the game.

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