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Phil Downing

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I have decided to strap on my boots and saddle up again in this my 9th continuous year of participation with the Hawaiian Ride for Youth for a few reasons
Firstly; we ain’t going anywhere exotic any time soon!
Secondly; my physical and mental health are a lot better when I ride my bike.
Thirdly; and most concerning is the alarming increase in stress and mental health problems I am seeing in my practice. On average I see 10 people a day who are struggling to cope and are looking for help.
I believe that every child has the right to grow up in a healthy safe environment, be happy and to achieve their goals.
Sadly, suicide remains the main cause of preventable deaths for 15 – 24 year olds in Western Australia.
On average one person loses their life to suicide every day in Western Australia and for every person who dies by suicide 20 people will attempt to take their own life.
Youth Focus is a not for profit organisation that offers free, self referral psychological support to young people.
Since it’s beginning in 2003 The Hawaiian Ride For Youth has raised in excess of 24 million dollars. With your support we can continue to fund this worthwhile service

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