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Paul Reid

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    School Gardener

Ride for Youth.
I cant think of a better way to do my bit in contributing to an ongoing and unfortunately expanding problem in youth suicide and depression.
This will be my sixth ride and i am looking forward to once again riding with some great people including my bestie who fronts up for his tenth ride an inspiring guy who gives his all for this cause. You have legend status Pugs.
The personal rewards taken from this ride are great but knowing together we can make a difference in someones life is a feeling hard to replicate.
This is why I keep committing to the cause year after year, and spend countless hours on my bike,clocking up kilometre after kilometre which I do for six months in order to ride from Albany to Perth, a distance of approx 700klm.
As a rider I make the commitment to fund-raise a minimum of $5000 all of which goes directly towards Youth Focus. Youth Focus is a WA-based not-for-profit organization that works with young people aged 12-25 to help them overcome issues associated with depression, anxiety, self-harm and suicidal thoughts. They provide, free unlimited and professional face-to-face counseling and other mental health services.
With suicide being the biggest killer of young Australians, accounting for more deaths of young persons than car accidents, Youth Focus provides extremely important services to the WA community.
I make a personal contribution of $1,600 that covers my training, food and accommodation expenses, so all donations go directly to Youth Focus and not one dollar is wasted.
Thank you for your support and commitment towards building resilient, active and mentally-strong young people across the State of Western Australia.

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