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Like a lot of other people, the time spent at home during Covid had me searching for ways to get out and get some exercise. I dusted off my single-speed commuter bike that had been rarely used over the last 10 years and started charging around on that for a while. After struggling to keep up with my mates' flash carbon fibre bikes, especially on hills, I decided to upgrade and start cycling whenever I could get a chance. I found this new hobby to be fairly addictive.

The decision to undertake the Ride For Youth was an easy one for me. This is a chance to link my newfound interest in cycling with the opportunity to raise money and awareness of mental health issues in our youth. This is a cause that means a lot to me, as my family has experienced issues in this area.

So while we will be going through the early morning starts, the countless hours on a bike during the weeks of training, and then the 650 km ride at the end, the fact that we will be raising money for mental health treatment and education, and visiting rural schools to talk about mental health, gives me something to aim towards.

Please donate to this very worthwhile cause, so that the good people at Youth Focus can continue to support our young people and create stronger, more resilient future generations.

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