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Nick Cernotta

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    Company Director

I thought I was a semi retired mininig professional but it seems that with a portfolio of Board roles, a vested interest in a Honey business, looking after my health and now a new family generation emerging, semi retirement is a vision for the future.

I have actually not backed off from being active and enjoying my life and celebrating the wonders that it has offered me. I have had an amazing journey so far and I expect it to continue until im 120 at least. I just dont get paid for most of my occupied time now, at least not in $.

Having had such a great life so far, I really want others to have that experience also. Thats why I'm doing this ride. It pains me to hear about people troubles and challenges, especially to the extent that they are all consuming and soul destroying. I am only now realising just how many of our youth in particular (who have so much ahead of them still) are burdened with anxiety and various complexes that hold them back.

This ride and what I put into it will help those that I cannot reach directly. Its great to know there are people out there who have dedicated their time and skills to helping our youth also. My daughter is one of them. I hope my efforts make your work more effective and that you can reach out further as a consequence.


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