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Mike Hales

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I am from the UK and I am a dispute resolution partner at MinterEllison. My wife is from Perth and we moved here from London in 2012. Our kids were 9 and 6 at the time. It has been a great place for them to grow up and my wife and I love it too.
This is my first serious ride. I am not as young as I was. I haven't ridden in groups before and I don't look good in lycra. So there are plenty of challenges. But my family are right behind me; the Peleton 3 training group and coaches are a great bunch and we all support each other, so I am really enjoying the training despite the early starts. I just wish I could go faster for longer!
We all need support from time to time and over much more important issues than a few tricky hills. That is what Youth Focus is all about. We have all had or been close to people who have struggled with mental health issues, whether it is family, friends or work colleagues. I love the fact that schools now focus on mental resilience. I have no special qualifications or knowledge for this ride, but I care. You do too, because you wouldn't have read this far otherwise. So if you can support Youth Focus please do. Help a youngster have a better, safer life.
Now, where did I put my bike.....

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