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The 2020 Ride for Youth will be my first. Having never ridden a road bike until a day before training commenced, it's proven to be a daunting and, for those watching, a somewhat comical journey.

With (hopefully) my last cleat-related spill behind me however, the focus has shifted to the ultimate point of it all, raising much needed funds for Youth Focus. With more people dying of suicide between the ages 15 and 44 than any other cause ( and almost 23% of Australians aged 15 to 19 showing symptoms of severe mental illness (, the merit of Youth Focus' mission is clear. If it's a cause that has affected you, whether directly or indirectly, I'd encourage you to help as you see fit and as you are able.

Every $3,000 raised will open the door to another youth in need receiving life-saving, uncapped counselling from Youth Focus.

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