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Erin DeBarro

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    Medical Receptionist

Hi all as you know I have been cycling this past few months which we all thought was for fitness.My main reason is I have taken on a challenge Ride For Youth Focus ,a cause that supports youth 12to 24 yrs of age with Mental Health ,fastest cause of death in our children today.So sad to say this hurt our family in July of this year .Growing up for myself was hard , living with domestic violence and abuse . I know too many of you this will come as quite a shock not something I have spoken a lot about.
Blessed to be a mother to 3 wonderful sons and now a grandmother to Tiana and Mason ,burying my nephew this year brought it all home So Much help is needed.
I am riding from Albany to Perth week March 23rd 2020 and I am hoping you will all come on board to help me make it I have totally funded myself everything I raise goes straight to the cause

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