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David Lantzke

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Marathon runner to bike rider? A different level of fitness is required for this but I feel up for the challenge.
The cause appeals to me very much due to my own experiences from my teenage years certainly NOT being the highlight of my life to date. Teenage years are tough, the pressure on our kids appears greater and their futures seem more uncertain.
I haven't really actively fund-raised for a cause before, and I dislike asking people for money, but hey, sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone.
I am hoping you will financially support me on this quest, as I coerce you into donating $26 (tax deductible) to my profile page.
My target is $5,000 which is 200 people donating.
In addition I will personally donate 10% of all funds donated to my profile by you.
Many thanks in advance of your generosity!!

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