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Hi All

Feeling inspired and swept up in my brother's euphoria of completing his Ride For Youth 2018, I somehow found myself saying thats sounds like fun and a challenge Id like to take on. His euphoria came from spending 3 mornings a week for 6 months, training with inspiring people working towards a common goal of raising money for Youth Focus. It came from hearing peoples' stories of their own experiences and those of others who touched their lives. It came from hearing kid's stories from the schools they visited during "Ride Week". How could I resist?
I have 5 children that are all pitched firmly in this"Youth" phase of their lives. Mental health and awareness is an issue that I have always maintained is essential to our good health and I am grateful that as a society we are all allowing it to be a part of our everyday vernacular. I believe we all should be discussing and nurturing our mental health as much as our physical health.
The camaraderie that is growing day by day, week by week from having set myself this most daunting challenge (never ridden a road bike ever and getting up at ungodly hours to focus on being social within a group of generous people )is improving my mental health and further cementing the responsibility we have to our young people that communication and support is so vital to our lives.

So what I have to do now as part of my commitment is raise $5,000, which will allow Youth Focus to continue to provide early intervention and prevention services free of charge. The money raised goes directly to the counsellors, mentors, occupational therapist and other professionals that are employed for as long as needed to keep our youth in good health.

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