Goal $1,800,000

Clark Wight

  • Occupation

    Head of Preparatory School at Guildford Grammar

Hi Everyone
Thanks for considering supporting Youth Focus and the Ride for Youth. What I love about the Ride and Youth Focus is the total support and focus on helping our children thrive in good times and through their toughest moments. This is one reason I do the Ride ... to provide ongoing and necessary support for children, teenagers and young adults in need of help. Another reason I love the Ride is the camaraderie and connection riders, support crew, families and organisers make as we train, fund raise and complete the Ride. I would not have finished my last Ride (I was overly confident and undertrained myself) without the unbelievable support and encouragement from everyone on the Ride. This year I plan to crush my fundraising totals in the past, train incredibly hard and consistently and meet an absolute ton of people connected with this cause. So, if you can help out with a donation it is much appreciated. Thank you!

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